Mother Washing Child

Madre che lava un bambino

Giovanni Segantini
1886-1887, pencil on paper, 195x150 mm
Arco, Comune di Arco - Galleria Civica G. Segantini


Giovanni Segantini 2008, pp. 116, 117 (ill.); Vita Nascente 2014, p. 15 (ill.); Segantini e Arco 2015, p. 21 (ill.).


Arco 2008; Arco 2014-2015; Arco 2015; Arco 2017; Arco 2021-2022

Scheda opera

The drawing, which is dated between 1886 and 1887, is a schematic, sketchy depiction of a woman leaning forward while washing her child in a tub. The same subject, where the figures assume mirror-like positions in relation to the drawing, is found in a contemporary oil painting, The Child’s Bath. In the painting, which has the same sketchy nature as the drawing, a child is depicted who could be identified as little Gotthard, who was around five years old in 1886 – 1887. In the work on paper, Segantini seems to be more interested in the study of the composition, positioning and movement of the figures; the most detailed parts are those of the head, arms and back of the mother and child.